julio 11, 2023
¿Qué es BME Scale? Una guía sobre el mercado para empresas en crecimiento

BME Scale es el mercado líder operado por BME que ofrece oportunidades de financiación a empresas en crecimiento. Este mercado está diseñado específicamente para empresas en una etapa temprana de desarrollo, con un modelo de negocio escalable y probado en cualquier sector. El objetivo de BME Scale es proporcionar a estas empresas una regulación y […]

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mayo 29, 2023
How to Apply for Authorization as a Payment Institution with the Bank of Spain

In this article, we will explain the process and remind you that attolón can assist you in obtaining the authorization or registering your institution. We have the best lawyers in the industry and can tailor a team to guide you through the entire process. Who Should Apply for Payment Institution Authorization? Payment institutions providing professional […]

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mayo 26, 2023
Startup Lawyers in Barcelona

Do you need to find a startup lawyer? Barcelona, one of Spain's most promising cities for entrepreneurship, boasts an increasing number of law firms specializing in the startup sector. However, finding the right professional for your project can be a challenge. The success of your startup often relies on the skills and expertise of the […]

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mayo 24, 2023
The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is one of the key figures in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Spain

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is one of the key figures in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Spain. It is important for companies to understand the role of the DPO and, above all, in which cases they are obligated to designate one. It is also beneficial for foreign companies to know the advantages […]

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mayo 23, 2023
Open a branch or a subsidiary in Spain

Before you can open a branch of your company or a subsidiary in Spain, you need to decide what legal form your business will take. There are several options available to foreign businesses, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will outline some of the key legal considerations you need to […]

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mayo 23, 2023
Implementation of whistle-blowing channels in Spain

The implementation of whistle-blowing channels or report channels is a crucial step towards transparency and accountability in organizations. The channels allow employees to report any circumstance without fear. The creation of the channels also provide a process for investigation and addressing the issue. The whistle-blowing channel can help to detect the wrongdoing before it escalates […]

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mayo 17, 2023
Advice to startups and venture capital in Spain

Over the past few years, Spain has emerged as a thriving market for startups and venture capital investment, making entrepreneurship a fertile ground for innovation and creativity.  Last year, the Spanish government published a special tax regime for startups. The law was passed in order to make easier for startups and remote workers to base […]

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mayo 12, 2023
Nueva obligación fiscal para proveedores de servicios de pago

La Directiva 2020/284 impone nuevas obligaciones fiscales a los proveedores de servicios de pago en relación con las operaciones transfronterizas. La Ley 11/2023,1 promulgada el 9-5-2023, introduce una obligación de información fiscal para estos proveedores, modificando la ley del IVA con la incorporación de tres nuevos artículos (166 ter, quarter y quinquies). En esta sección, […]

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mayo 8, 2023
Legal support creating a business in Spain as a foreigner

Are you considering creating a business in Spain? Spain is a demanded territory for investors because of its market and the current acts that have been past in the last year facilitating the creation of new companies. The good weather and the lifestyle are also alluring. The process of setting up a business in Spain […]

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abril 19, 2023
English speaking lawyers in Barcelona and Madrid. Services in Spain

Whenever you have concerns going on in a different country, language may be a barrier. Law can be complicated and intimidating, especially for those who do not speak the language. We are willing to make it easier for you and your needs in Spain. Helping people from other parts of the world is what brought […]

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