Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

The economy is every day more globalised and interdependent. The importance of the technological businesses and the remote work is obvious. Spain is adapting the law to the new reality and current market needs, so it already has a digital nomad visa.

The 22nd December 2022 was published the new law for start-ups in Spain. This law expects to attract entrepreneurs, investors and qualified workers. As well as digital nomads willing to work remotely from the territory. It can be in the mainland or in any of our islands, like the Balearic or the Canary Islands.

So, the digital nomad visa in Spain is already a fact. If you are a non European Union citizen, you can start the application whenever you would like to do so. If you are a European Union citizen, you can work remotely in Spain for up to six months without visa. After that, you just need to get a resident number as foreigner. You can ask as for any advise, but this visa is meant for non European cases.

If you would like to know more about this digital nomad visa in Spain, keep reading! We will summarize everything you need to know about this process in the next few paragraphs. If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask our team. We will be happy to assist you.

What is the digital nomad visa?

This digital nomad visa is a residence permit for non European Union citizens. This visa allows you to live and work remotely from Spain.

This means there is a new type of residence permit in the country. So, if you meet all the required criteria, you will find it easier than ever to live and work in Spain.

The law also talks about importance of eliminating existing gender gaps in this area.

How can you apply for this visa?

There are two different ways to apply for this new digital nomad visa:

- You can apply once you are already in Spain, while enjoying the three months tourist visa.

- Or you can start the application from the Spanish consulate in your country.

If you choose the first option, you will be allowed to live in Spain for 3 years. This permit can be renewed every 2 years. If you choose the second one, you will get a one year permit. You will be able to change it once you are here.

What are the main benefits from this visa?

One of the main benefit from this new visa is the agile process. It does not require the large amount of legal bureaucracy that was previously asked for. You will have an answer in just 20 working days. If you do not get an answer, administrative silence means yes. So you will get the visa anyway.

The tax regime is also really appealing. You will be benefited from tax reduction, because you will be only required to pay non-resident income tax rates, instead of regular residents tax rates.

You are also allowed to include your family members in the application. If you get the permit, they will as well.

If in the future you would like to get a permanent residency or even the Spanish citizenship, the time you are in the country with this visa counts.

This visa, like all the others, will allow you to freely move around the European Union.

What are the required criteria?

As we have already said, you need to be a non European Union citizen. And, as it sounds logic, you also need to be a digital nomad, in order to get this digital nomad visa.

- You need to be working remotely for a non-Spanish company or be a freelance with your legal base in other country and which clients are mainly not Spanish. You are allowed to get up to the 20% of your income from Spanish companies. Not more.

- You have to prove you have been working that way for, at least, one year.

- You must be able to support yourself financially. You will need to prove you have, at least, 25.000 € in your bank account.

- You will also need to prove experience and education.

- You cannot have any criminal records for the last five years.

- You must not have been prohibited entry to Spain.

Working remotely from anywhere as a digital nomad has been a reality for several years. However, nowadays we can notice that it is in the best interests of the countries to have a better visa for the people willing to establish themselves in their territory.

If you do not meet the requirements for applying for this digital nomad visa, you may take into account the other types of visa. If you meet the criteria, you may start the application. In any case, we are here to help you with the process and make living in Spain a reality for you.

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