Our story

We want to contribute to making companies sustainable. That is why our goal is to connect companies with the best global legal talent.  We modify the methods of cooperation, mobilize the knowledge, skills and abilities of the best lawyers towards your company's objective.


The revolution of alternative legal services for companies

Multidisciplinary talent

Our model invests in talent and technology. We offer our clients first level advice in a more flexibly and efficiently way.

Business structure

Our transversal structure allows us to work where and when our clients need us and to have the best legal talent.


We reinvest to improve our service and achieve the highest quality faster and more efficiently than other traditional global firms.

Talking about us

logo attolon


Calle Travesera de Gracia, 30
Planta 3 C
08021, Barcelona

P.º de la Castellana, 163,
28046, Madrid

911 98 98 64

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